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A Luxury Picnic Experience


Who we are...

A little bit about the Picnic Squad - as a Women-owned(mother and daughter) small business we love that we get to create gorgeous memorable picnics for our Clients, but most importantly that we also share in their celebrations.


Our job is to give our clients the very best picnic experience whatever their celebration may be. We offer a wide variety of themes, food, crafty add-ons, and most importantly excellent customer service.  


When you choose the Picnic Squad for your next celebration we also get to donate 10% of the profits to local shelters, and sanctuaries across the Dallas area. 


What we do...

At The Picnic Squad we’re all about ambiance and excellent customer service. We want everyone that uses our business to have an exceptional experience whatever they’re celebrating! We provide several different settings and many options for add-ons! 

Select your style...


Rosé Dream

The “Rose Dream” is the ultimate picnic setting with rich rose, gold and bold textures for a beautiful and luxe picnic experience.


Velvet Crush

The “Velvet Crush” combines neutrals with pops of velvet textures and elements through out the picnic setting meant to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.


Blue Royal

The “Blue Royal” presents casual and effortless cool blues and serene creams bringing all the beach vibes you’ve been dreaming about.

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