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Meet the Squad...

The inspiration to start this business came from the quarantining phase of the pandemic. It was disheartening to not be able to share birthdays and special events with our loved ones in person. As many of us stayed home and could only facetime, or speak on the phone I felt this desire in my heart to accommodate an outdoor activity that could bring people outdoors for their safety, but still continue to quarantine as much as possible. The idea started to brew, but life happens and it wasn't until others began posting more and more picnics that I felt this urge to dive in. I became excited about the idea to bring my daughters into the business to help out with the logistics, give them an opportunity to work for themselves, and take the business forward in whatever direction they so choose. It also made perfect sense to incorporate giving back to the community where we live and call home by making sure we serve as humble servants and grow the business to include jobs for women who may want to learn from us as well. It just made sense.

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